In the beginning, JD adamantly only wanted two children. I thought that four would be perfect. Once we caught God's vision of putting orphans into families, our plan was multiplied by God. We are currently blessed with 12 children; five biological, six adopted and one more waiting in Ethiopia. Our first adoption was from the U.S., the next three were from Liberia, West Africa, and our last two were from Ethiopia. We are supporting our 12th child in Ethiopia after her adoption could not pass court.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Travel Clinic

We put in a long day at Bethesda Hospital today with the travel clinic. It's really a nice service to have such one-stop shopping for all our international travel needs. They look up the country you are traveling to and update immunizations and give you any needed medications. JD and I left with three new shots while poor Alyssa got four. We also were blessed with malaria meds and some other emergency medications. 

I am really ready for a break from all things medical, but it is not to be. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow, another Thursday and seven dentist appointments on Wednesday in between!

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