In the beginning, JD adamantly only wanted two children. I thought that four would be perfect. Once we caught God's vision of putting orphans into families, our plan was multiplied by God. We are currently blessed with 12 children; five biological, six adopted and one more waiting in Ethiopia. Our first adoption was from the U.S., the next three were from Liberia, West Africa, and our last two were from Ethiopia. We are supporting our 12th child in Ethiopia after her adoption could not pass court.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Making Books

I am always feeling bad that my oldest four children have scrapbooks filled with pictures of them and my younger crowd doesn't have a single one. In fact, I haven't done one scrapbook page since I brought Ben and Julia home. Since Snapfish sent out a 50% off photo books coupon, I got the crazy idea of whipping up the kids a book of themselves for Christmas. Needless to say, these things always take more time than I hope, but I've worked the last few days and ordered one for Tori and one for Julia. Here's the cover of Tori's; it covers her from arriving in America, fall of 2006, until Christmas 2007. This picture was taken September 2007.

Julia's didn't cover as much time, as I got my good camera about this time and there were more pictures that I couldn't resist using. Her book covers her arrival in America, summer of 2007, through the same Christmas 2007. Here's the cover picture of Julia also taken September 2007.

I think the girls will be thrilled to have their own books, now I only have to hope that they run another special before Christmas that can motivate me to whip up a book for Ben and James!

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  1. LOVE your big beautiful family- you guys rock! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I think you and I have a lot in common! ;0) Amy