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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Mouth is Still Hanging Open...

I am unashamedly pro-life; I honestly believe that life begins at conception and life is sacred. I also believe that if abortion were out-lawed in this country, we would have an enormous mess because a lot of "pro-lifers" are actually only "pro-birthers". What I mean by that is the simple fact that they see the battle only at the line of granting a baby a right to be born; I see the line extending to all children that need and deserve a safe and loving family.

I say all of that only to say this - this video should extend beyond ALL pro-life/pro-choice lines as well as all political lines. This video outlines clear and deliberate abuse by this Planned Parenthood clinic. The man in this video claims that he has illegal child slaves from Asia and they had no problem helping him further abuse those children. I am so flaborgasted at the woman in the video and the reality that we give $300,000,000 a year to this organization. What is so depressing is that there will be more attempts to hush this story than there ever will be to use it as a demand for reform. Everyone should be up in arms at Planned Parenthood as a whole, because this is unfortunaely not an isolated incident and other videos from Planned Parenthoods around the country are emerging.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Lee Frank

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  1. I'm not against planned parenthood, i generally don't have a problem with them (although i am pro-life, i don't believe anything is wrong with birth control) but this women is definitely abusing her privilege as a person in power and needs to be removed from her job, what horrible publicity for an already controversial subject, I am sickened by her.

  2. we give $300,000 to planned parenthood because, apart from abortions, they also provide birth control and condoms to teenagers for free or low cost. As much as may not want to admit it, apart from your homeschooling family, teenagers experiment with sex...and birth control/condoms are proven to be more effective in PREVENTING abortions then educating and banning teenage sex. It is a catch 22 of sorts, to support planned parenthood you support both.

    Regardless of how you feel about abortion, you must realize that other methods need to be avialable to teenagers, including education, birth control, and condoms.

    As a side bit, I am pro choice, I do not believe abortion is right or should be encouraged over other alternatives but I fundamentally believe that it should be a woman's choice alone. One of the most fundamental questions I ask myself is, if Jesus died on the cross for our sins and to give us the choice to follow him....then who am I, a mere sinful human, to take that choice away from a fellow being? I am not using this statement to prove my argument. It is only one that I am torn one....how can I undermine gods will for free choice, sins and all?

  3. that is sickening! U.G.H :X


  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Planned Parenthood does help give birth control out and do STD tests and all sorts of stuff, but does a little good justify a bigger evil. Was it ok for the Nazi’s to do those experiments on the Jews, even if it was helping humanity out so much in science? No of course not because it wasn’t the Jews choice and it was downright evil well abortion is the American Holocaust 99% of abortions happen because the parents use it as a birth control rather than getting tubes tied and or being careful. Only 1% of them occur for medical reasons and or because of rape. I do not believe Jenny doesn’t admit that teenagers of today are sexually active, but just because they are, doesn’t mean that you have to support it. Fact that over 75% of Planned Parenthood’s money goes towards abortions and if we want to take this to a Christian scale, Exodus 20: 13 “you shall not Murder.” No matter how much you justify and say its not murder, the result shows a baby which would have been born, grown up, got married and lived his/her life. Not getting the chance to experience any of that, why because without his or her consent that life was taken away from him or her. You said yourself that “you are mere sinful human” your right Humans are sinful and make wrong decisions but Christ is perfect and he said “there is no greater joy than kids” and I am pretty sure if Christ got righteously angered enough to throw over tables in the temple for selling stuff there and not worshiping God. Then I am confident He is against abortion, he put it there for a reason the bible say Christ does all things for a reason. I also feel that Christ is probably saddened by how we as Christians do nothing for these kids who are being slaughtered. Proverbs 24:11 "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter." Slaughter may sound like a strong word but only if you knew what occurs in these abortions. I wouldn’t put that death on my worst enemy. Think about how you have gotten the chance to live, what if you didn’t? Would you be ok with your mom deciding that you weren’t worth having or that you are an inconvenience? We think of babies as different, but in reality they are just a different size, there brain is not fully as developed and there ability to speak out is not there. Same if you compare a toddler and a human. Toddlers are not the same size as an adult, or have a fully developed brain or the ability to speak there will. So what is different from killing baby or a toddler? Has for Planned Parenthood it may seem all nice how they are helping with condoms and tests. But it is mostly a facility, which takes in blood money. Also every abortion they do, they claim it so they can get more money next year. So they have motive to encourage people to have abortions and they do. You sound like you are a Christian, if you watch Jesus in the bible he stands up for the poor and the ones who cannot defend themselves and he calls us as Christians to be like him. So I will, please join me in praying daily for abortions to stop and for people to realize what we as the people of America have been doing. We all have blood on are hands.
    With Love from a concerned citizen

  5. Jenny,
    I have seen this on Bill O'Reilly, on Fox News, has been showing the videos and reporting it. Mike Pence out of Indiana(who I support for 2012 Republican Nominee for President) is on the
    House Committee to "defund" Planned Parenthood. I despise and know they are an evil entity. Most women do not realize that the founder, Margaret Sanger, was a horrible racist & wanted to completely irradicate the minority races here in America.
    I agree with what you said, that most Christians are pro-birthers.
    I dont agree with the first anonymous about being pro-choice. I am pro-life regardless of our free choices, Christains must be defenders of the innocents...and who more innocent than the preborn?
    I do not believe in any type of birth control period & if I could get Clay to agree with that, then it would make our marriage a whole lot easier to walk out as it affects our marriage consistently - that disparity in our beliefs. Also as a homeschooling mother, I believe we should teach our children God's commands in regards to sex. Not abstinence nor how to have "safe sex". Our standard should be God's standard with everything we teach our children period. But unfortunately not everyone tries to uphold God's law. So yes, we have children getting in "trouble" and then going to planned parenthood to "take care of the problem". Then it's like there wasnt a problem...so basically there's no responsiblity.
    it's sickening & i'm sure God is so displeased with America, with the Church, with the Body of Christ for even letting things get to this point.
    As for the comment before me, that anonymous mentions that "Christ does things for a reason"....I am most assured that Christ had no part in injecting abortions,birth control, sex before marriage, etc...into society...those things have all the markings of a sinful society.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Since you no longer have Fox News, I will have to keep you posted more often. It's horrible to hear these people but I hope it brings Planned Parenthood to it's knees.


  6. ok i reread over the 1st anonymous & quite frankly, they are just wrong. i dont have the calmness of spirit to even begin to respond, except to say......just because kids are doing it...doesnt make it right. we should never give in to wrong just because we know it's going to happen.

  7. I would be cautious about the video. Remember the big to-do about the ACORN video? It turned out those aides who were "cooperating" were just getting as much info as possible so they could call the police once the people left--and they did. And there are records to prove that they did call the police. And much, much later, when an unedited version of the video was released as part of a lawsuit, it turned out that the person had cut crucial parts of it out. But Fox News just wanted a story, so they didn't bother to investigate or to demand all the footage. Of course, by the time it became clear it was all a hoax, the organization ACORN had been destroyed. Be very, very careful about believing these "investigative" videos...

  8. There have been 3 different videos released from different cities, evidence is starting to build up.

  9. Jenny,
    R. is completely misinformed. Acorn was destroyed as they were a corrupt organization and finally the multitude of videos in many different cities across the country showed how corrupt they were. The videos agains them were not edited to change content or context but for time constraints. Fox News was not just reporting for a story...but was reporting the truth. As with Acorn's defunding, I pray so for Planned Parenthood. Their are numerous videos of their corrupt nature also. The people who are going into these so called "helpful" entities like Acorn & Planned Parenthood are going in at their own peril, risking their lives, jobs, furture ability to earn an income to expose the corruptness.
    R. also needs to read the book..I believe called "Unplanned" by a person who use to work as a director at a Planned Parenthood. It's very enlightening to Planned Parenthoods real agenda....to slaughter babies. They continue to contribute to the Black American's Holocaust and should be taken out just as the Nazi's were and Saddam Husseing.