In the beginning, JD adamantly only wanted two children. I thought that four would be perfect. Once we caught God's vision of putting orphans into families, our plan was multiplied by God. We are currently blessed with 12 children; five biological, six adopted and one more waiting in Ethiopia. Our first adoption was from the U.S., the next three were from Liberia, West Africa, and our last two were from Ethiopia. We are supporting our 12th child in Ethiopia after her adoption could not pass court.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gabriel Update

If you remember, JD took these four teens on a road trip outside Chicago for Gabriel's boot camp graduation just days before Christmas. We feel very fortunate that Gabriel was able to come home for Christmas; the week was short, however, as he and JD left for Pensacola this morning. JD drove Gabriel's car, because he isn't allowed to drive it there, but is allowed to have it in only two short weeks. JD will fly home the day after tomorrow. Thankfully, my sister came for bedtime back-up tonight because it can be a bit tough for one!

"Ham", Alayna, Alei and Alyssa 
Instead of either of the Navy trips, I got this cool mug and a t-shirt that says "Navy Mom". I'm happy with that over hours and hours in the car - I'm the daughter of a pilot and have never liked road trips!

Here's a shot of our Christmas meal; Bella ate a tiny bit of dressing with her peanut butter bread... not bad for your first American Christmas meal I guess. 

Now we are on to our great room re-arrange. Originally it was just going to be a Gabriel and Alyssa room swap, now it is a four bed-room re-arrange with three of them getting painted. That, however, definitely deserves a post of its own!


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  3. I do not envy you at all with all the room swapping....but show us the results!
    I hope to have energy in the spring to complete some unfinished projects around here.....or JD could stop by on his way home from Pensacola and do them for us=)!