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Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Salsa Event

This was our third year canning salsa. I don't remember how many jars we made in 2008, but it wasn't nearly enough. Last year we made 40 jars and we just finished the last one, so 40 was our goal again this year.

I don't grow enough tomatoes to support this project, but I bought 75 pounds from a local farmer for only $30.

JD is the only one not bothered by onions, so he chopped 15 pounds of them. My eyes were still bothered a bit across the kitchen and Julia ran at one point yelling that the entire kitchen was filled with onions.

So, we canned 20 jars yesterday and I did 20 more today (with JD's pre-chopped onions waiting in a Tupperware.)

Salsa complete - I still have tomatoes to can for vegetable soup and winter chili, but tomorrow is Julia's and Elijah's birthday and I'm taking Alei for a MRI, so they will wait until Wednesday.

The best part of canning is when they are cooling on the counter.


  1. not to be a pain but you have a lot of headspace in some of those. those dont end up going bad on you? i only leave 1/2" of headspace pretty much for everything. if i leave more it ends up having spoilage. but they look good. so now i know i did mine right as they look the same as yours...just fuller. =)
    also i found a recipe for the white sauce. i'm going to try it before i pass it on. it will make a 1 3/4 quarts when it's all said & done to sit in the fridge i guess. i will let you know.
    thanks for the salsa recipe. i finished off a pint of it myself yesterday. it really is delicious. and for the record i didnt get heartburn & Levi didnt seem to mind it at all!

  2. hey. i looked @ Clay's Mama's jars of processed tomatoes that she has given me & there is as much headspace as you have in those salsa jars. i think because i didnt do it right my first year i am a bit more freaky about it. again, thanks for the recipe. IT'S SO GOOD!!!!! i have seriously considered doing more if i have to give it away as gifts for xmas for Clay. but i probably wont...my legs cant take it. i only have 4 quarts left to do & you know...i'm happy about that!
    anyway, i'm going to go get the stuff to make the white sauce today...cross your fingers & wish me success!

  3. will you post ur salsa recipe

  4. We love our homemade salsas. I make several different kinds, so we can have some variety throughout the year. I have only seen canning times for pints of salsa, and have read that doing quarts isn't USDA approved. I don't really care about USDA recommendations on things like that. How long do you process your quarts? I'd love to do quarts, rather than twice the pints.