In the beginning, JD adamantly only wanted two children. I thought that four would be perfect. Once we caught God's vision of putting orphans into families, our plan was multiplied by God. We are currently blessed with 12 children; five biological, six adopted and one more waiting in Ethiopia. Our first adoption was from the U.S., the next three were from Liberia, West Africa, and our last two were from Ethiopia. We are supporting our 12th child in Ethiopia after her adoption could not pass court.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Beach and Some WWII

So, today was supposed to be our last day in Charleston and we didn't make it to the beach. JD took the boys to a Navy-something-or-other-museum all morning, then I took the girls to the mall while Elijah napped. We were planning on heading to the beach then, but it was totally unrealistic that we could do the beach and clean everyone up in time to make dinner at JD's sister's home, so we didn't go. We did head down-town for a few hours, but the kids were sad and I was actually sad as well. JD called the lady that we are renting the home from to see if we could stay one more night, but the house was rented for tomorrow. I lobbied to hit the beach in the morning, then make the eight hour drive home; JD declined because he knew he'd be tired after soaking up all that sun. So, it looked like we were heading out in the morning, when the nice lady called us back to tell us the other family cancelled due to sickness; so we are here for one more night and we are hitting the beach first thing in the morning. Here's a few shots of yesterday's beach adventure.

Gabriel buried himself -

Boogie-boarding Alyssa heading in -

Now Ben is as puzzled as the rest of us as to why Liberians don't swim in the Atlantic on the coast of Africa. We sure did (it was the only way to cool off in the horrific heat) but they just gathered around to talk about the crazy Americans!

Turns out the something-or-other was World War II related. They toured a carrier and submarine as well as a mock base from the Vietnam War. The boys had a great time and hopefully they learned a little something as well!

James in a captain chair -

Check out the luxurious size of the bunks. It makes me feel bad for upgrading from a queen to a king bed!

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